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« NASCAR: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series: Homestead

« The A-Team West Coast Turnaround (TV-PG) A watermelon farmer from California hires the A-Team to protect his farm from being bought cheap at bankruptcy by a man whose thugs sabotage his crops.
The A-Team One More Time (TV-PG) Face and B.A. are arrested by Colonel Lynch who poses for the press after having them locked away at an Army base while Hannibal escapes by motorcycle.
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Gilligan's Island Angel on the Island (TV-G) The castaways produce their theatrical version of "Cleopatra" to appease a depressed Ginger, regretful that she missed the opportunity to perform on Broadway.
Gilligan's Island Three Million Dollars More or Less (TV-G) When Mr. Howell and Gilligan bet on a round of golf, Gilligan wins an oil well Mr. Howell believes isn't worth much money, but a radio report reveals otherwise.
Gilligan's Island Water, Water Everywhere (TV-G) When the castaways' water supply begins running low, Gilligan encounters trouble when he is charged with making sure it is fairly distributed among everyone.
Diff'rent Strokes Thanksgiving Crossover, Part 1 (TV-PG) The Alders come from Oregon to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Drummonds, but their celebration is threatened when Mr. Drummond and Larry argue.
Diff'rent Strokes Thanksgiving Crossover, Part 2 (TV-PG) As the Alders come from Oregon to visit the Drummonds for Thanksgiving, Mr. Drummond and Larry Alder have a quarrel over business matters.
The Love Boat The Best of Friends; Too Many Dads; Love Will Find a Way (TV-G) As Thanksgiving approaches, various members of the crew are not speaking to each other; a father and his son are on the run from the boy's natural father.

« Boogeymen Ogopogo (TV-PG) For more than 150 years, sightings of a dark green snake known to locals as the Ogopogo have been recorded in the Okanagan Lake in British Columbia.
Boogeymen Bownessie (TV-PG) A serpent-like creature, nicknamed "Bownessie" by local residents, is rumored to live in England's Lake Windermere and has been sighted many times since 2006.
Boogeymen Lagarfljot Worm (TV-PG) An investigative look is taken into reports of the Lagarfljot worm, a serpentine creature wading through the waters of Lagarfljot, a lake in Iceland.
MysteryQuest Devils Island (TV-PG) The team tries to determine if the only three men to escape the federal prison on the bay area island could survive the icy waters awaiting them in 1962.
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